Fairfield Public Library
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Library Cards

 Library Cards

Fairfield Public Library cards:

Are free to all residents of the city of Fairfield with valid picture identification and mail postmarked in last 30 days.

Are free to all people who own property in the city of Fairfield with proof of ownership.

Are available to non-residents in the area at a fee of $30.00 yearly.

Must be presented each time materials are borrowed.

Are an acceptance of responsibility for all materials borrowed on the card.

For a minor are the responsibility of parents or legal guardians.

If lost or stolen are the responsibility of the authorized users; patrons must report any loss immediately to protect themselves from unauthorized usage of the card.


Must be kept up to date; please report any address or telephone number changes to the circulation staff.

Fairfield Public Library
300 SouthEast Second Street
Fairfield,Illinois 62837-2127
Phone- (618)-842-4516
Fax- (618)-842-6708
email: fairfieldpubliclibrary@gmail.com

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